As of yesterday, Jarred and I have been together for a year. A whole year. I realize that to most people, that’s probably nothing. By 21 years old most people have had a long term relationship highschool or freshman year of college, whatever. Before Jarred, my longest relationship was one month. So to me, being with someone for a year is a huge deal. 

Before Jarred, I wasn’t a relationship kind of girl. I didn’t like opening up to people, and I always found something wrong with any guy I was interested in. The idea of being with someone for a year seemed like something I’d never do, at least not while I was young. But when I started dating Jarred, I realized that when you find the right person who accepts you as you are, then opening up isn’t all that scary.

This past year I went through some of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with, but knowing he was always there made all the difference. And all the happy memories, the Cardinals games, the country concerts, were so much sweeter because he was there. I never knew it could be like this. I never knew what it was like to know that the person you love, loves you back. And the crazy thing is, I fall more in love everyday. 

I’m extremely lucky, and I don’t tell him enough. I can only hope that this next year is just as amazing. I love you. 


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